Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race

I've set up this blog to record my progress in the Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race at Tooting on 17th/18th October. With any luck (and if the technology works) there will be regular postings on this site to let everyone know how I am getting on.

I've only done one 24 hour race before - at the North Inch in Perth last September when I recorded 106.74 miles. That was on a road surface whereas this time it is on a 400m track. I have set myself 3 targets:

Bronze - to get to 100 miles (160.93 kms) - 403 laps;
Silver - to beat my PB of 106.74 miles (171.78 km) - 430 laps;
Gold - to reach 200k (124.28 miles) - 500 laps.

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