Saturday, 17 October 2009

10 Hours

As we approach 10 hours here at Tooting the relentless pounding of the track and the tedium of going round and round and round and round is having a negative effect on many of the runners. Dejected faces are abound and there are athletes vomiting here and there. Our man has emptied his stomach of the
Stewed apples and rice pudding that he took on board a while ago. He continues to push on, however. With 211 laps under his belt it seems achieving 500 laps might be a wee ambitious. Therefore there has been a redirecting of effort to achieve a PB for a 24 hour race. This looks very achievable and Ian is rockin' in 24th place. The man currently at the front of the pack, Paul Fernandez is haring round the track and seems not to have broken stride yet. Some people are simply machine-like. Other WHW Family present are Rachel and Ian McCuaig, Aileen Scott, Paul Hart and Ray McCurdy. Ian has been told of all the kind texts and calls. Thanks all and log in again soon.


  1. He'll do it no problem. Threaten him with dodgy posts on his blog!

  2. Go hard Ian, keep warm Dave and Lee !!