Saturday, 17 October 2009

3 Hours

Three hours into the Tooting 24 hour track race and Ian is going well. At the three hour mark he had completed 73 laps which places him in 23rd place and one lap up on his plan. He stopped and walked for a bit to take on some food care of the race. Some rather bland rice and vegetables. After 4 hours of running there will be an about face and the runners will change direction around the track. The weather remains cold but dry. Log in again soon for the next instalment of Ian's 24 (just had a thought- if the track was a giant treadmill driven by the runners' effort there would be enough energy produced to keep me warm...brrr!)


  1. Enjoying the updates. Keep 'em coming! Wish the crazy man well from me, Tim.

  2. Tell Ian Falkirk are winning 1 nil


  3. Text from Dave Waterman has Ian completing 100 laps in 4hrs 14mins 22secs. Ian is still 1 lap ahead of his 500 laps plan!

    Well done ... just another 400laps to go!!

    John K