Saturday, 17 October 2009

5 Hours

At 5:01:48 Ian completed 120 laps of the Tooing Bec running track. He's been running well but is in a tough spell right now. It seems that the highs and lows of an ultra run occur more often on the track but maybe are less intense. Only Ian can answer that and I ain't gonna ask him the noo! We had a wee discrepancy earlier with Ian insisting he'd done one less lap than we'd recorded. A check with the official lap counter confirmed us correct. Ian has employed a Fiona Rennie suggested system of lap counting by moving an elastic band from one finger to another each time a lap is completed.
When the band reaches his pinky he knows he's done a set of five laps. Ian forgot that the sixth finger on his left hand might render this system inefficient. Laters.

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