Saturday, 17 October 2009

7 Hours

Through the seven hour point and Ian is still going well. The minor roller coaster of highs and lows appear to be continuing as the minutes become hours and the laps mount up. Ian has just completed 165 laps in 7:22:25. This is slightly outside the plan but Ian has decided to not be driven by his goal but to keep moving forward positively. It's likely that we'll be back on track after a few strong laps. The first casualty of the race, a young fella whose support crew were next to us, has retired with a gammy knee...oh how I know how that feels. It's dark now and the track is floodlit. Either the night time, the artificial light or a chat with his lovely wife has had a fortunate effect on Ian cos he's shifting like Mike Mason with an Essex Constabulary cop car in his rear view mirror right now. Get in Ian!!


  1. Well done guys!

    I've just logged on to www after being in St Andrews for the day ~ eating amazing cakes + ice cream, and going for a lengthy paddle in the sea. Bit chilly!

    Will keep a close eye on progress.....

    Oh, and I've just poured a large whisky mac which I reckon I have earned after my sea experience.

    Murdo (the M)

  2. You're doing well Ian. Hang in there we're rooting for you.
    John & Freda

  3. as per text, was not interested till now as 8 hrs is just a fun run.. get amongst it mate - dig in and tick those laps off ..

    (how much vino has the pirate had ?)

  4. Going well Ian, hang in there. Looking
    forward to the next update. Linda and Bruce

  5. Ian still running strong good to hear keep up the good work.

    John Bell

  6. 9hrs 15mins .... 202 laps

    The Pirate reports that Ian is revising his target from 500 laps to a pb (430 laps)

    John K